Halfway Back

Now that we have taken a look at the swing takeaway, we can progress into the halfway back.  Learning the half back technique is another step in learning the full swing.  Once we have the half swing down pat, the full swing will be relatively straight forward.

Step 1

Start off with a good takeaway.  Remember to turn your chest and shoulders first.

Step 2

Once we are in the takeaway position, allow your wrists to start to cock upwards.  You want to make sure your club is on plane.  You can check this by making sure your butt end of the club is pointed directly at the ball.  Another great way to check is to place a mirror directly behind you.

Step 3

Your hands should appear to be right in the middle of your chest in this position.  Avoid rolling your wrists as this will cause the club to become flat and off plane.  Check the mirror to make sure your hands are in the appropriate position.

Remember to practice this technique very slowly making sure that your club is on plane and in the right position.  This will help create a solid foundation as move into the full golf swing.