5 Best Habits For Beginner Golfers

Do you ever wonder how professional golfers practice?  Why do professionals practice when they are already elite players?  Every golfer can always improve a part of game, no matter how small of a part it is.

Creating good practice habits will help you produce the results you want to see in your practice sessions.  Having a good practice will help you improve your game once you transfer onto the course.  Here are some of the five best habits of successful golfers.

1) Practice The Right Way

Lots of beginners will just hit ball after ball until the have none left thinking the more balls they hit, the better their swing will be. There isn’t a point to work on muscle memory because your muscles don’t have memory, only your brain does so you might as well use it.  When you are at the range, you want to focus make every shot a quality shot, quality over quantity.  Think about the way you practice and create a routine so you have structure in your sessions.  When I was young, a coach once told me something that has stuck with me.  He said ” Practice doesn’t make perfect, practice makes permanent.”.  If you practice like you play on the course and make every shot count, you will easily reap the benefits of a good practice session.


2) Work on Fundamentals

Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals! Not the most fun thing to practice in the world, but it is crucial to becoming a good golfer.  Fundamentals are important because the build the foundation of your golf swing.  Since it is so easy to gain bad habits, fundamentals should be practiced at every session. Some golf fundamentals include golf grip, stance, posture, pressure, and ball position to name a few.   I believe anyone can become a great golf player, and even possibly become a professional, if they continually work on golf fundamentals and practice consistently.  If tour players are still practicing fundamentals at their sessions, why aren’t you?


3)  Deliberate Practice

Have you ever practiced a lot but seem not get any better? Deliberate practice means pushing yourself past what your comfortable with.  By doing deliberate practice, you will push your limit a little bit each session, therefore increasing your golf ability the more you practice.  To use this technique, the golfer must intensely focus on what they want to accomplish and how they are going to accomplish it.  Coming into practice, have a goal in mind and steps to help you accomplish that goal.   Anyone can practice hours on end and they will only marginally get better but by using this technique, you will feel you are accomplishing more when you see your results.

4) Visualize and Feel

The mind and body are one of the most powerful tools a human has.  Golfers can use these assets, create a habit, and use this as an advantage.  Eyes are important to show the player where their target is.  Once the target is chosen, next visualize and imagine on how you want the shot to look in your mind.  The more you visualize every shot you take, the better feel you will get for the shot you are trying to attempt. This takes a moderate amount of concentration to become great.  Remember that this is a skill, you may not be very good at visualizing when you start, but give it some time and you will start to see yourself making the shots you visualize.  The reason this works is because you are bringing an image to your subconscious mind that then  manifests it into reality.  Start to ask yourself how every golf shot feels from a fade to a chunk.  Your mind will begin to remember those feelings to help you recreate those shots in the future.


5) Golfers Mindset and Attitude

A good habit to have to when playing golf is having the right mindset and attitude.  Don’t get frustrated when you make a bad shot, professionals make bad shots on even good days.  Instead of panicking, accept where the ball lands and make a note to practice that shot more at your next practice session.  This will allow you focus ahead to your next shot instead of looking backwards.  Some techniques that will help calm your mind are deep breathing, talking with your group, or even looking straight into the sky, use whatever method that will keep you level headed.

Many players come into a round with an expectation to hit a certain score, have a good attitude even if you don’t hit your mark. There is plenty of time to analyze your round after you’ve finished hole eighteen.  Frustration will kill your performance and create a bad mindset habit.


“Golf” by Catalin Munteanu / CC BY


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