Golf Attire

Golf attire has evolved tremendously since the 1800’s when it was invented in Scotland.  Back in the early days, golf attire for men included tweed shorts, high woolen socks, leather shoes, heavy sweaters, and even knitted vests.  People dressed in specialized clothing not only to suit the weather conditions but because most players were of the upper class. Golf was once only played by the upper class.  As times have changed, golf is more accessible then ever before.  Golf not considered as a upper class sport anymore, therefore the style of clothing has changed over time.

Dress Code

Nowadays, courses have a dress code that players must abide too. The dress code is designed to maintain the games identity. Apparel companies keep improving their product line to provide players with a variety of clothing suited for various weather conditions. Remember that clothing should not be restrictive, it should be comfortable and not hinder your movements.

If you do not know the dress code for the course, call ahead and ask!

Shirts and Tops

Nearly all courses require players to wear a collared shirt.  Make sure your shirt is tucked in before you head out to the course.  Most courses require the golfer to wear a collared shirt.  Therefore the most common top for men is the golf polo. T-shirts and tank tops are not suitable for golf. When purchasing a shirt, make sure you know how it fits, the material used, and if it wicks away moisture.  Being uncomfortably hot or cold, or having sticky sleeves will hinder your game.

Women are allowed to wear a blouse either with or without the sleeves.  The most popular top for woman golfers is still the polo shirt. T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops are improper clothing for a golf course.

Shorts and Pants

Depending on the weather conditions, you will want to go with a pair of pants or shorts.  Golf pants should be water resistant and durable.  Pants tend to collect lots of dirt and grass so make sure you get a pair that are easy to clean.  Shorts should be no longer than knee length.  The most common shorts are cotton with khakis coming in at a close second.  Jeans and jean shorts are restricted from courses.

Women commonly wear slacks during the fall and early spring.  When the weather gets a little hotter, women can wear shorts, a skort (combination of pants and shorts), or even a golf dress. Improper clothing include sweats, athletic pants, and sundresses to name a few.


Golf shoes have come a long way since the days they were leather.  The proper footwear can enhance your performance so treat your shoes like equipment.  Golf shoes have tiny spikes on their soles.  These spikes give traction that can help stabilize a player’s swing. When purchasing a pair of golf shoes, you want the shoes to be comfortable, lightweight, waterproof, and flexible.  Most golf courses will require golf shoes with non metal (or soft) spikes.  Courses restrict sandals, street shoes, and boots.


A golf hat is not mandatory in the dress code but let’s finish the golf look! The main reason for a hat is to keep the sun out of your eyes but certain hats are definitely more appropriate. Baseball style hats and visors are the most popular among golfers.  Don’t show up wearing a cowboy hat, it’s not a rodeo.

Weather Conditions

For warm weather find a shirt with UV protection and moisture management properties.  For cold weather, shirts made with Gore-Tex help keep the player warm without adding bulk.  Men also often wear a vest, pullover, or light jacket during the cooler months.  If you are preparing to play in the rain, dress warm and light.


Don’t forget your sunglasses if its sunny out! Happy Golfing

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