The position of the hands is very important to becoming a consistent golfer.  The hand positioning corresponds to the shaft and angle of the club upon impact.  Having solid positioning will lead to more consistent ball striking.  Many beginner golfers tend to overlook this fundamental and focus on other parts of the golf stance.  If you nail this technique, you will be hitting greens consistently in no time.

Here is a very simple tip that can make a great improvement in your golf game.

Step 1: Set the club behind the ball.  The butt end of the club should be pointing to your front hip.  The club should feel like an extension of the arm.
Step 2: Push your hands slightly in front of the ball. This will put the club at its neutral position.

Hands to far forward will cause the face of the club to be closed and also deloft the club.  On the other hand, hands to far back will give the club too much loft and a weak hold on the club.


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