Golf Swing Takeaway

Every golfer must learn the takeaway before they can achieve a solid swing.  This is another fundamental that is vitally important in a golfer’s swing. As golfers, we want to start each swing on along the right path and keep the club along that plane. A proper takeaway will help you align your club as well as improve your ball striking.

First let’s take a look at what makes a strong takeaway.

Step 1

Before we begin the takeaway, we want to be in our athletic golf stance.  Make sure your body is completely centered and stable. For the right handed golfer, begin the takeaway with your left shoulder.  The shoulder should turn under your chin as you raise your clubs back with your arms.  The toe of your club should be directly pointing towards the ceiling.

Step 2

As your club reaches a horizontal position with the ground, check the butt end of your club.  The butt end should be pointing directly at your target.  Use a mirror, if possible, to check your target alignment.



This fundamental should be practiced repetitively and can easily be practiced in the comfort of your home.  I recommend practicing this everyday until you can do it smoothly and effortlessly.  Try to make 15-20 good repetitions every practice session.  Here is a simple golf drill you can try at home or on the range!

Next we will take a look at the backswing!