Golf Ball Position

So far we have talked about the golf stance and alignment.  Now we are taking a look at the position of the golf ball.  The position of the golf ball changes depending on the club you are using. The reason for ball positioning is to change the impact position and launch conditions.    This is critical fundamental new beginners must learn.

Ball Distance

Before we set up the ball , we must first acknowledge the club we are using and distance between the player and golf ball.  Since every club is a different length,  the distance between the player and ball varies.  A ball too far out will cause the golfer to reach far out, while a ball too close to the body will cause a players body to scrunch up.  Over time, you will develop a natural feel for the distance but for let’s take a look at the correct ball distance.

Step 1:  First lock your knees so there is not flex.  You should feel the weight all on your heels

Step 2:  Now flex your knees slightly until you feel the weight move from your heel to the centre of your feet.  Once you feel your weight balanced over both feet, you will know that is enough knee flex.  We don’t want to flex our knees so far that we are in a sitting position

Step 3:  Take your desired club and place it over your front leg’s thigh.  The club you have chosen should be 1 inch above your knee cap.  Do not straighten or flex your knees to compensate the distance.  If the club is an inch above your knee, change your distance to the golf as necessary.

Let’s move on to ball position

Ball Position

We must first start out by getting into our golf stance.  Once in the correct stance, the golfer can see where the center of the stance is.  The most central ball position is suited for the shortest clubs in the bag – lob wedge, sand wedge, gap wedge, and pitching wedge.  The ball placement is placed in the middle to help players hit down on the ball to create backspin.

As we progress into longer clubs, we must move the ball position half an inch towards your front foot (left foot for right handed golfers).  For example, if we are using a 7 iron, we must place the ball a couple inches left of the center.

When setting up for a shot with the driver, the ball should be played on the inside of your front foot.  This will allow players to sweep the ball rather than hitting down on it.  Longer clubs demand a more of a sweeping motion in relation to shorter clubs.

As each club gets longer, the ball must placed a slightly further away from the body.   This is to help compensate for the length of each club.  Balls for driver shots should be placed much further away from the body then balls for 8 iron shots.

Image Source:

Golfballs” by Thomas Cowart/CC