Types of Golf Clubs

There are various types of golf clubs a player must use in the game of golf.  Depending on the yardage, each type of club is designed to hit the ball a certain range according to the degrees of loft on a club and strength of the swing.  A high lofted club will launch the ball higher into the air but not far in comparison to a club with low degree of loft, which will launch the ball farther. A typical set of golf clubs consists of different clubs in order for players to have a club for every shot a player must face. (Distances may vary depending on caliber of the player.)

There are 5 different types of clubs:

1) Woods

Woods are the clubs that launch the ball the farthest (from 200-350 yards).  These clubs are not made out of wood nowadays.  Wood clubs were once made of wood (with persimmon or hickory) and they soon enough took on the woods name.  Modern day wood clubs are made out of metals like steel, titanium and other alloys.  The head of a wood is very large and round compared to other clubs.  The 1-wood, also known as the driver, is the least lofted the club in a club set. This club is used to hit the ball the furthest.  Woods with higher numbers are called fairway woods, like the name implies, are used on the fairway.

2) Irons

IronIronss are used to land the ball on the green when the ball is less than 200 yards away.  A standard set of irons contains 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, irons and a pitching wedge (PW). Most sets of irons do not contain 1 , or 2-iron due to the difficulty of mastering them. The higher the number iron, the more loft the club has. The lower the number iron, the lower the loft the club has, meaning they can strike the ball the farthest.  The middle irons, 4, 5, and 6-irons, are used typically around 150 to 170 yards.


3) Hybrids

Over the past 10 years, hybrids have slowly made their way into a golf bags around the world.  These clubs are a combination of fairway woods and irons.  The head of the club is very similar in design to the fairway wood. Hybrids started their popularity when golfers began to replace their long irons with hybrids.  These clubs are more ‘forgiving’ than an iron or wood for most golfers.  Hybrids come in lofts ranging from 16 to 26 degrees.



4) Wedges

Wedge ShotWedges
are most commonly used to strike a ball high into the air right before landing on the green.  These clubs have the most loft in compared to the other club types.  There are a few different wedges; Pitching (PW), Gap Wedge (GW), Sand Wedge (SW), and Lob Wedge (LW). Note that not all wedges come in a set of golf clubs.  Every set of clubs comes with a pitching wedge, but not gap wedge or lob wedge comes in a set. Specific sets may include an gap or lob wedge.  Here is a table of lofts and distances for each wedge type.



 Pitching WedgeGap Wedge Sand WedgeLob Wedge
Loft46 to 48 degrees51 to 53 degrees54 to 58 degrees 58 to 60 degrees
Distance110 to 140 yards 90 to 110 yards 80-110 yards 80 yards and under

5) Putter

Golf PutterThe most important club in any golfers bag is the putter.  It is used on every single hole in the game of golf. Putters come in different shapes and sizes.  The standard length of a putter is 33 to 35 inches tall. The mallet like head on a putter is flat to give a better putting stroke.  This club is only used on the green. There are varying styles of putters: short, long, bent center-hosel, heel-toe, belly, to name a few.


Club Composition

Now that we have learned what the purpose of each club, we can learn about the combination of clubs should bring in their bag.  Most golfers will bring a arsenal that consists of several drivers,  one or two hybrids, one set of irons, several wedges, and a putter.


Happy golfing!

Image Sources:

Golf Club Against Ball” By Wojciech Kulicki / CC

Top Flite” By Rennett Stowe / CC

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