Proper Golf Stance Alignment

“It goes without saying that it is no good having a perfect set-up, perfect grip and perfect golf swing if the whole thing is misaligned. It sounds obvious but many players simply do not spend enough time getting themselves on target.” – Nick Faldo

Have you ever hit a shot to see it zoom through the air in direction you weren’t anticipating?  Most beginner golfers will probably blame their swing but have you ever thought that it might be from poor body alignment? It’s not technically difficult, but many golfers forget to check their alignment from time to time. Let’s take a closer look at fundamentals of a proper alignment for beginner golfers.

Club Alignment

If you ever watch tour players do their pre-shot routine, you will notice that they always stand behind the ball first, take a look at their target line, then align their club face to the ball in relation to the line.  Professionals know that correct alignment of the golf club is very important. Just a few degrees misaligned can launch balls yards off the target.

Beginners should align the ball in the middle of the club face at the sweet spot.  It is important to know where the sweet spot is on the club head.  This will give you most energy transfer and power.

Body Alignment

Proper body alignment will help beginner golfers set the foundation for a great swing!  This is arguably one of the most important parts of a basic golf set up.  Without proper alignment, it is very difficult to control your swing.

When addressing body alignment, we want our body positioned parallel to the target.  This means knees, feet, hips, forearms, eyes, and shoulders are parallel and aiming towards the target.

Checking Body Alignment

Many professional check their own alignment every time they practice. To check your body alignment, place a club or alignment stick in front and along the line of your shoes. Take a look and see where the this club is aiming.  The alignment stick or club should be pointing towards your target.  Next make sure your body is aligned with the club.  Make sure you check when you practice to create a habit.

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